Do you know how to make your own Barbarian Costume for Halloween?

Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword Set - Barbarian Costumes

A Barbarian Halloween costume is really easy to make if you have some usable fabric, faux fur, a glue gun and several studs or gems. You can make your own barbarian costume but you will have to purchase the ultimate Sword to be really authentic.

Starting with the top, first of all you’ll need a wild mane of long hair – and if you don’t already have long hair then you’ll need to wear a Wig. Next you’ll need a manly head band. And you can make one of these pretty easily too as you plan to make your own Barbarian Halloween Costume.

Just use a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head – remember, not too tight because you’ll need some extra room for all that manly mane of hair! You could use an old thin leather belt, animal print fabric or even an old brown narrow tie or some thin narrow leather strips as the base of your headband.

Next you can adorn this head band with gems and sparkly studs if you’d like or draw designs on it with magic markers. Make sure the head band knot is on the back of your head and will be hidden by your hair or a long haired wig. You can also add some dirt smudges on your face for more authenticity to your barbarian halloween costume as you make your own Barbarian Costume.

Mens Barbarian Wig - Costume WigsIf you haven’t worked out for the last 20 years and you are not quite as buff as Arnold then you could purchase a nude colored body suit and stuff it strategically with bunting material to “buff” you up! Make sure to over do the upper body section because barbarians had lots of muscles! Or you could just buy a Mens Muscle Shirt Costume!

To add even more detail as you make your own Barbarian Costume, you could add a barbarian necklace made of leather strands that can be purchased at your local craft store and can be easily made by gluing a few feathers or fake animal teeth  onto it.

Next, are you going shirtless or wearing something on your chest area? Shirtless is easy enough but if you decide to cover up your top you have many options. One idea: you could wear a dark sweatshirt, or you could wear a t-shirt but here’s what I’d do next – cover it up with matching fabric if you decide to go for a kind of toga look (as mentioned below) and also add some faux fabric in different places all over the top of your barbarian costume with glue. You could even tie straps of fabric around your chest and body or leather strips or faux animal skins to add more to your look.Barbarian Adult Costume - Warrior Costumes

The bottom of your barbarian costume can be created by starting with a basic pair of neutral colored shorts – but they must be short. Now on top of that you have a few choices – you can wear a skirt or a Kilt, even a simple one piece Black Tunic Robe or you can even buy some earthy fabric and glue or sew it together so the end product kind of resembles what you often see barbarians wear on TV or in the movies. And don’t forget to cover your middle with a wide belt – you could even apply gems and studs, the same as on the headband as you make your own Barbarian Costume.

You should also purchase some fake fur to sew on the base of your Barbarian Costume. Begin at the bottom of the front and cover most or all of the back of the outfit as you see fit. And you can add sections of the faux fur anywhere you’d like on your costume too to make it look even more real. Don’t forget your sword either, BTW!

And don’t forget about your feet either as you make your own Barbarian Costume. You’ll need a nice pair of tall boots. Leather boots would be best – and if you don’t have those you could probably dress up some old work boots by covering up the majority of your leg, from knee to ankle, with faux fur which would also cover the tops of your old boots. Add some leather straps to help hold the fur in place, leather shoe strings come to mind right off the top of my head, tie them around your legs in several places and voila, barbarian shoes! Or you could wear leather sandals too if you wanted.

Going overboard and accentuating these features as you make your own Barbarian Costume is always fun! Then all you have to do is look tough, mean and nasty and talk  all about your exploits and wars you’ve been a part of to have a Great Night!

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